How to Use Natural Stone in Your Kitchen

Natural stone is a beautiful material to use in your home. It looks particularly well in your kitchen, and with so many natural colorings and sizes, it can create a multitude of styles or feelings. As a bonus, stone is also a non-endangered natural resource which, when properly sourced, does minimal harm to the environment.

If you’ve decided to use natural stone in your kitchen, you may wonder how to do it. Here we have a few ideas to help get you thinking.


Stone flooring Oregon is beautiful, durable, and versatile. You can opt for large or small pieces of stone with a smooth or rough finish. They come in a variety of colors, although it is suggested you use darker stone for flooring as it does not show dirt as much as lighter colors.


Another wonderful place to make use of stone is in your counters. Granite is the most popular stone used for countertops, and it comes in a wide variety of colorings so it’s possible to get some that match your décor. Or, you can choose a contrasting color to really make the counters themselves pop.


Less used but equally beautiful are stone walls. Many choose to use them on just one wall, such as behind the kitchen sink. Others use stone walls for the entire room. If you choose to use stone for only one wall, it is suggested you use natural wood planking for the other walls as these two are suited to one another. For walls, options include large slabs or pieces appearing like rocks stacked atop one another.


Stone flooring Oregon

There are many décor items made from stone also. The most common examples are statues or fountains, but there are also stone plaques and other decorative items.